Maintenance of Certification

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Maintain your certification: Attend a vKSA

TAFP’s Virtual Knowledge Self-Assessment Workshops

Q: What is a vKSA?

A: Get MC-FP and live AAFP Prescribed Credits for the Knowledge Self-Assessment Module of your American Board of Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification through the Virtual Knowledge Self-Assessment Workshops offered by TAFP. In these virtual group study workshops, Diplomates will discuss and complete the 60-question module presented by TAFP and moderated by a TAFP faculty member. Everyone in attendance of the workshop will be logged into the ABFM site as a group and all answers will post to each person’s individual account. Completion of the workshop will get you MC-FP credits for your Maintenance of Certification as well as live AAFP Prescribed CME Credit.

Q: When does TAFP offer Virtual Knowledge Self-Assessment Workshops?

A: TAFP holds several vKSAs in the fall.

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Q: How do I know if I am eligible?

A: Participants will receive credit if they are currently eligible and enrolled in the ABFM MC-FP process, haven’t completed the current MC-FP stage, have paid the MC-FP fees to the ABFM for the KSA, haven’t completed the KSA topic within the last three years, and attended and fully participated in the educational discussion for the entire session. To check your status with ABFM, call (877) 223-7437.

Q: What does the registration fee paid to TAFP cover?

A: The vKSA fee covers the following:

  • TAFP submitting the answers to ABFM on your behalf
  • A copy of the 60-question Knowledge Self-Assessment for review and discussion
  • Program costs including staff, moderator fees, and virtual platform