BHI Toolkit - Methods

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Behavioral Health Integration Toolkit


How to integrate behavioral health into your practice.



> Integrated Practice Assessment Tool

See where your practice ranks in the national standard continuum. By using the Integrated Practice Assessment Tool, you can assess your level of care.



> Bringing Behavioral Health Into Your Practice Through a Psychiatric Collaborative Care Program

This article provided by Family Practice Management discusses how a small-town clinic implemented the collaborative care model in their practice and provides guidance on how you can establish a similar program to improve your patients' access to behavioral health care while increasing revenue.

> The Integration of Behavioral Health into Pediatric Primary Care Settings

This research brief, provided by the National Center for Healthy Safe Children, highlights strategies and lessons from Project LAUNCH grantees that promote successful integration.

> Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care: Lessons Learned from the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative

In this whitepaper, the TMF Health Quality Institute presents vital lessons learned from primary care practices that successfully achieved behavioral health integration.