BHI Toolkit - Community contacts

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Behavioral Health Integration Toolkit

Community Contacts

Organizations you can connect with to help you on your journey.

AIMS Center - University of Washington

The AIMS Center at the University of Washington is advancing the research and implementation of collaborative care. Collaborative care is a specific model of integrated care developed at the University of Washington that is used to treat common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions
The Center for Integrated Health Solutions promotes the development of integrated primary and behavioral health services. They provide training and technical assistance to behavioral health organizations, community health centers, and other primary care and health organizations.

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association
The Northwest Regional Primary Care Association is a member organization that strengthens community and migrant health centers in the Northwest. They have many resources available for behavioral health integration.

Mental Health Integration at Intermountain
Intermountain Healthcare believes in treating the whole person and has developed a program for teams to help people with their mental needs as they also serve them medically. Intermountain is an example of a successful BHI model.

Mental Health America of Greater Houston
MHA of Greater Houston enhances the mental health of Houstonians and improves the lives of those with mental illnesses. It is the area’s longest-serving mental health education and advocacy organization that focuses on shaping the mental health of people and communities in the areas of integrated health care and so much more.

Methodist Healthcare Ministries
Methodist Healthcare Ministries’ has a strong commitment to whole-person wellness. They advanced integrated behavioral health through the Sí Texas Project: Social Innovation for a Healthy South Texas.

Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center
The Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center develops and translates evidence into policy to advance integrated strategies that improve health. Through their Make Health Whole initiative, they are working toward transforming our fragmented health care system.

The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute — Texas State of Mind
The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute provides trusted policy and program guidance to improve mental health services in Texas, leveraging statewide resources at a grassroots level.

Collaborative Family Healthcare Association
The Collaborative Family Healthcare Association is a multi-guild member association whose goal is to make integrated care the standard of care across the United States and beyond.

Delphi Behavioral Health Group
The Delphi Behavioral Health Group is a Nationally based mental health and addiction organization. We offer hundreds of free content and resources for individuals from all walks of life. Delphi is a family of facilities offering individualized treatment for all levels of addiction.