2012 Annual Session Minutes In Brief

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Annual Session Minutes In Brief

Highlights from the TAFP Board of Directors meeting, July 14, 2012

The Texas Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors met on Saturday, July 14, 2012, to hear reports and recommendations from TAFP’s committees, commissions, and sections. Below are the highlights of the meeting, which included greetings from AAFP President Glen Stream, M.D., M.B.I., and a presentation by TMA President Michael Speer, M.D.

TAFP Foundation Board of Trustees

The Foundation announced a new student interest endowment to provide support for preceptorship stipends, student travel, and FMIG activities. Within the endowment there will be separate champion funds, including the Lewis Foxhall Champion Fund.

Executive Committee

The board approved a recommendation that TAFP move the Annual Session and Scientific Assembly to late fall beginning in 2015. This change is expected to increase registration and engage more medical students and residents. The board also approved a recommendation that TAFP provide additional funding to the Texas Medical Home Initiative.

Finance Committee

The board approved the proposed fiscal year 2013 operating budget.

Nominating Committee

The board elected the slate of directors and alternates presented by the Nominating Committee. They also approved a recommendation to nominate four members to AAFP commissions.

Commission on Academic Affairs

The commission discussed the Section on Medical Students’ need for a forum to connect and share best practices on the state level. The idea of a statewide presence was discussed during the commission meeting, leading to the creation of the Texas FMIG Network Facebook page.

Commission on Continuing Professional Development

Clare Hawkins, M.D., gave an update on the AAFP Commission on Continuing Professional Development.

Commission on Core Delegation

The commission discussed the work of the various AAFP commissions. Lloyd Van Winkle, M.D., discussed his campaign for a position on the AAFP Board of Directors. The commission also discussed resolutions introduced from other state chapters.

Commission on Health Care Services and Managed Care

The board approved a recommendation that TAFP bring forward a resolution to the AAFP Congress of Delegates entitled: “Review Payment Reform Model Generated by a Family Physician in the CMS Innovation Advisors Program.” The commission unanimously agreed that this be forwarded to AAFP for further study.

Commission on Legislative and Public Affairs

In lieu of a commission meeting, TAFP offered the legislative and leadership training. Attendees heard renowned policy experts give an overview of the primary care workforce, and present demographic, geographic, and policy challenges under consideration by our elected officials. They received instruction from top-notch grass-roots consultants who provided practical advice on how to advance the cause in their own district.

Commission on Public Health, Clinical Affairs, and Research

The board approved recommendations that TAFP include pain management education in future symposia and that TAFP staff disseminate information on drug reclamation events. The board approved a recommendation that TAFP ask AAFP to provide education for physicians on pain management. The board also approved a recommendation that TAFP submit a resolution to AAFP to petition CMS and other payers to permit reimbursement of mental health disorder counseling by licensed professional counselors with family physician co-management, without psychiatrist involvement.

Task Force on Governance

The Task Force presented the diagram of a possible governance new structure; the board discussed the structure.

Section on Special Constituencies

The section selected Lindsay Botsford, M.D., to serve on the TAFP Executive Committee and Terrance Hines, M.D., to serve on the TAFP Board of Directors.

Other board action

The board elected Adrian Billings, M.D., and Jake Margo, M.D., to the TAFP Executive Committee and Jorge Duchicela, M.D., to the Nominating Committee. The board discussed resolutions that other state chapters have recommended to AAFP.

Call for proposed bylaws amendments

Any TAFP member wishing to submit a proposed amendment to the TAFP bylaws must submit it to Kathy McCarthy at TAFP headquarters by Dec. 14, 2012. The TAFP bylaws can be viewed at www.tafp.org/media/default/downloads/membership/bylaws.pdf.

Amendments can be e-mailed to kmccarthy@tafp.org or faxed to (512) 329-8237. Members submitting a proposed amendment must include a statement giving the rationale for the amendment. The TAFP Bylaws Committee will review the amendments at the 2013 Interim Session meeting on March 2, 2013. The Chair of the Bylaws Committee will present the proposed amendments, with the recommendations of the Bylaws Committee, to the Board of Directors at Interim Session. If the Board of Directors approves the amendment, it will go before the TAFP members in attendance at the TAFP Annual Business Meeting in July 2013.