E-prescribe by June 30 and avoid penalties

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E-prescribe by June 30 and avoid penalties

posted 06.19.13

Medicare physicians must report e-prescribing on at least 10 unique Medicare encounters using G-code G8553 by June 30, 2013 to avoid a 2 percent penalty on all 2014 Medicare Part B claims. Note that three prescriptions for one patient is considered a single encounter.

Additionally, you can qualify for an incentive, 0.5 percent of Medicare Part B claims, and avoid 2015 penalties by reporting at least 25 unique e-prescribing Medicare incidents during 2013. For more on the incentive’s requirements, see the Texas Medical Association’s 2013 E-Prescribing Incentive Requirements document.

Don’t e-prescribe yet? Start now. If your electronic health records system does not include e-prescribing abilities, you still have time to install a stand-alone system and avoid penalties. For help with e-prescribing and EHR information, visit TMA’s Texas Regional Extension Center resources.