Make your mark on family medicine

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Calling all TAFP members:
Make your mark on family medicine

We want your talent and knowledge on a committee or commission

posted 4.14.14

Help determine the direction of family medicine by signing up to serve on one of TAFP’s committees or commissions, or by indicating your interest in a TAFP section or leadership position. The Texas Academy of Family Physicians relies on the strong foundation set by its members and the infrastructure formed by TAFP’s governance structure. You can help shape policy and make recommendations that keep the organization at the forefront of the specialty.

Membership on committees and commissions is appointed by the TAFP president. Sections are open to all attendees. If you indicate your interest in a section, you will receive reminders. TAFP will have its first voting Member Assembly on Friday, July 25 during Annual Session. Each local chapter will have voting representatives. You can indicate your interest in serving in the Member Assembly on the form.

Go to and complete the form by May 12, 2014. Contact Juleah Williams at (512) 329-8666, ext. 35 with any questions or concerns.