Don’t have time for an MBA? Get business training from AAFP

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Don’t have time for an MBA?
Get business training from AAFP

posted 06.22.11

AAFP has released a new toolkit to provide busy family physicians quick-access resources on the business skills they wish they’d received in medical school or residency. The three-part “AAFP Family Physician Mini MBA Resource Guide” targets physicians who need to be better business managers but don’t have the time to pursue an advanced degree.

Section one applies to employed physicians, with topics ranging from the job hunt to employment contracts and privileging forms. Links connect readers to content on conflict resolution, teamwork, staff relationships, and how to balance work and home.

Section two focuses on basic management skills: a review of general principles of accounting; a rundown on financial statements; tips on operating a small business; and guidance on leadership principles, marketing, and negotiation.

The final section delves into advanced management skills including quantitative methods and economic principles that can affect a medical practice. Find resources on keeping a small business financially viable and improving the bottom line, and learn how to stay within the boundaries of ever-changing state and federal regulations.

Download the toolkit from AAFP’s website: