Nominate yourself or a colleague for one of TAFP’s 2011 awards

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Nominate yourself or a colleague for one of TAFP’s 2011 awards

updated 02.10.11

It’s time again to submit nominations for TAFP’s top awards: Physician of the Year, Physician Emeritus, Public Health award, Exemplary Teaching awards, and the Special Constituency Leadership Award. All of the awards will be presented at the 62nd Annual Session and Scientific Assembly in Dallas on Saturday, July 30. Winners need not attend Annual Session to receive an award.

Consider nominating yourself or an outstanding colleague for one of the awards below.

Physician of the Year
The Physician of the Year award is given to an outstanding family physician who provides the community with compassionate and caring medical service on a continuing basis, makes a positive difference in his or her community, and acts as a credible and invaluable role model to others.

Physician Emeritus
The Physician Emeritus award honors a physician who has contributed long and meritorious service to family medicine.

Exemplary Teaching Award
The Exemplary Teaching Award is given to physicians recognized for exemplary teaching skills by medical students, residents or peers or to physicians who developed and implemented innovative new teaching models or programs. Please note that nominations can be made in the full-time, part-time, or volunteer-faculty categories.

Public Health Award
The TAFP Public Health Award is modeled after the AAFP Public Health. Nominees may be physicians working in public health or going beyond their patient community to have an impact on public health, or non-physicians who have an extraordinary impact on the public health of Texans.

Special Constituency Leadership Award
TAFP’s newest award, the Special Constituency Leadership Award, is given to an outstanding TAFP-member family physician who is or has been a strong advocate for a specific special constituency and/or, as a member of a specific constituency, has served as an outstanding leader in some capacity.

The deadline for all nomination packets has been extended to Feb. 25, 2011. Read more about each award and access the nomination materials at on the Annual Awards page of Send completed nominations to Kathy McCarthy at or 12012 Technology Blvd., Ste. 200, Austin, TX 78727.