Medical board launches online supervision and prescriptive delegation registration system

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Medical board launches online supervision
and prescriptive delegation registration system

posted 08.03.10

The Texas Medical Board has recently launched a new online system to allow physicians to register supervision and prescriptive delegation of physician assistants and advanced practice nurses, and other requirements of these mid-level providers in a timely manner.

The online system allows physicians to register:

  • notice of a doctor's intent to supervise a physician assistant;
  • notice of a physician assistant’s intent to practice with a particular doctor;
  • termination of a supervisory relationship; and
  • a doctor's delegation of prescriptive authority to a physician assistant or advanced practice nurse.

Since Jan. 31, 2010, physicians who delegate prescriptive authority have been required to register with the Texas Medical Board to fulfill requirements of legislation passed in 2009. Senate Bill 532 expanded physicians' ability to delegate prescribing to physician assistants and advanced practice nurses. This authority includes prescribing dangerous drugs and Schedules III, IV, and V controlled substances.

The new system replaces the paper system, and TMB will not accept hard copy supervision and delegation forms after July. Physician assistants, doctors, and advanced practice nurses may all initiate registration, letting the other party complete his or her part later.

For more information about the new system or the registration requirements, visit the TMB website at or contact Pre-Licensure, Registration and Consumer Services at (512) 305-7030. Also, read Docs, PAs Need To Know New Rx Delegation Rules, an article about prescriptive delegation that was published in the fall 2009 Texas Medical Board newsletter.