AAFP calls for board nominations for the Patient-Centered Research Institute

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AAFP calls for board nominations
for the Patient-Centered Research Institute

posted 05.27.10

The American Academy of Family Physicians seeks highly qualified family physician members for the national academy to nominate and support for board positions within a new research institute. The Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law signed in March of this year, established the Board of Governors of the Patient-Centered Research Institute to improve health care quality and enhance evidence-based research.

The purpose of the institute is to establish a research agenda, develop methodological standards, contract with eligible entities, request public input, and disseminate results to patients and providers. The board of governors will include the director of AHRQ, the director of NIH, and 17 appointed members.

There are two categories of the board of governors for which family physicians could apply. Five positions will represent physicians and providers, including at least one surgeon, nurse, state licensed integrative health care practitioner, and representative of a hospital. One position represents quality improvement or independent health service researchers. Find a more detailed description below.

If you or an AAFP colleague are interested in being nominated and supported by AAFP for this institute, please submit the following information to AAFP by June 7:

  • Cover letter expressing your willingness to serve and information on qualifications for the commission;
  • A recent CV; and
  • Any letters of support from individuals who can speak to qualifications (specific to commission requirements) and national prominence in the field.

Should someone other than the nominee provide this material, we ask that the nominator indicate that the person is willing to be appointed and serve.

Nominations will be reviewed by the chair of the AAFP Board of Directors or its executive committee, which will make a final decision on which names to send forward. Staff will inform applicants of the decisions and send letters of recommendation by the deadline, which is June 30, 2010.

Individuals not selected to represent AAFP can choose to self-nominate by contacting the specific government body directly. In those cases, the AAFP may wish to send a separate letter of recommendation at the discretion of the AAFP board chair.

We believe it is critical to have a family physician provide a perspective on the new boards and commissions created by the Affordable Care Act. Please e-mail all nomination packets to nominations@aafp.org by Monday, June 7.