Get answers to your practice management questions through new TAFP partnership

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Get answers to your practice management questions through new TAFP partnership

posted 02.12.08

TAFP has partnered with a practice management consultant, Bradley Reiner, to provide staff and membership an experienced resource on practice management issues such as billing and coding, and managed care contract negotiation.

Reiner has been a practice management consultant for 15 years, with 10 years spent at the Texas Medical Association. He is currently the owner of Reiner Consulting and Associates and will serve as a resource for TAFP staff, review and make recommendations on legislation, and provide discounted services to TAFP members. His services include billing and coding reviews, compliance and documentation audits, practice evaluations and assessments, managed care contract negotiation, staff recruiting and human resources management and other general practice management issues.

Contact Bradley Reiner by phone, (512) 858-1570, or e-mail,

Read more about offered services:

Billing and Coding Reviews
A billing and coding review is done to determine if the billing and front office staff is efficient in maximizing the collection of revenues. It will also determine if the practice is following Medicare, Medicaid, and other payers’ guidelines for appropriate, medically necessary billing and coding. Efficiency in coding and billing allows for higher revenue generation.

Compliance and Documentation Audits
A compliance and documentation review is provided to determine if physicians and physician extenders are coding Evaluation and Management services correctly. A sample of the documentation is audited and recommendations made to assist with coding at the most appropriate level. Training can be provided to aid doctors and physician extenders to code efficiently and document appropriately. Documenting at correct code levels is critical to accurate payment and compliance with all insurance payers

Practice Evaluations/Assessments
A practice evaluation/assessment is an operational and financial study of an existing medical practice. This evaluation provides a comparative analysis to other practices of the same specialty. Encounter or case data is reviewed and compared as well as financial ratios. Staff efficiency and workflow is another major component as is review of the reimbursement area. This review allows the practice to obtain a snapshot of where it is at the present and what needs to change to operate successfully.

Managed Care Contract Negotiation
Contract review and negotiation services is designed to maximize revenue for the practice by identifying insurance carriers with unfavorable fees and determining opportunities for negotiation. Better fees allow the practice to maintain overhead and generate more revenue.

Staff Recruiting and Human Resource Management
These programs are designed to assist practices with recruiting quality staff for their office. High-quality staff is vital to a practice’s success. Additional services include interim management, if necessary.

Practice Issues
Other general practice management issues as needed.