March 2023 Member of the Month

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Member of the Month: Madeline Hazle, MD

First-year resident hopeful about future family medicine pipeline

By Samantha White
posted 03.01.23

Madeline Hazle, MD, left her hometown of Houston for an undergrad degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was on the swim team. Texas quickly called her back though, and she both completed medical school and is now a first-year family medicine resident at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Hazle has been active in TAFP since her medical school days. She currently serves as the TAFP Resident Alternate Delegate to the AAFP National Conference, and previously served as TAFP’s Student Chair and Medical Student Director on the TAFP Board of Directors.

Who or what inspired you to become a family physician?
I was inspired by several family medicine physicians that I interacted with during the beginning of medical school. I admired their compassion, hard work, and dedication to the community, and I decided that I wanted to follow in their footsteps and become a family physician myself! I also loved that family medicine gives you the opportunity to treat a variety of medical conditions in a variety of practice settings.

What is your favorite part of medicine?
My favorite part of medicine is the people! I love getting to know my patients and helping them improve their health, especially when there is good continuity of care and I get to see the same patient across multiple visits. I also like the teamwork involved in caring for patients, and enjoy collaborating with and learning from my colleagues daily.

Why do you choose to be not only a TAFP member, but also so active in TAFP leadership?
TAFP has helped to enhance my medical education and allowed me to connect with others across Texas who share my passion for family medicine. I’m active in TAFP leadership because I feel strongly about growing the family medicine pipeline and strengthening primary care in order to improve the health of our communities. I hope to continue my leadership involvement within this organization and to build my advocacy efforts going forward.

What general advice would you give to medical students?
Keep your mind open and take advantage of any and all learning opportunities during medical school. Follow your passions and explore different interests! When ultimately deciding on a specialty, do what you believe will make YOU happy and fulfilled at the end of the day.

What advice would you give to students about Match Day?
Be proud of yourself for making it to this point! Medical school is hard, and the residency application process can be grueling. Enjoy the day with your family and friends and take time to celebrate your accomplishments, regardless of the outcome.

What was your Match Day experience like?
It was a very special and memorable day filled with emotions. I was anxious to find out where I matched but excited to start a new chapter in my training. It was fun to hear where my classmates matched and so fulfilling to see our hard work pay off. And of course, I was overjoyed when I learned that I had matched at UT Health San Antonio!

What do you enjoy doing outside of medicine?
I enjoy hiking (or anything outdoors), watching sports, trying new foods, working out, and spending time with my dog and cat.


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