Maintain Your Membership

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Maintain Your Membership

CME requirements
Continuing Medical Education is the cornerstone of the Academy. Here is a breakdown of the CME requirements for the Academy, the Texas Medical Board, and the American Board of Family Medicine.

> CME requirements

Report your CME
TAFP/AAFP active members are required to complete and report 150 CME credits every three years to be eligible for re-election. Of the 150 credits, 75 must be Prescribed. There are three ways to report your CME directly to AAFP.

> Go to AAFP’s CME page
> Call AAFP CME Reporting at (800) 274-2237
> Fax the CME Reporting Form to AAFP at (913) 906-6269

Pay your dues online
TAFP members can monitor their dues and make payments online through AAFP’s payment system. You will need your AAFP member number to use this service.

> Pay your dues online

Update your contact information
We want to keep in touch with you. Please let us know if any of your contact information has changed by contacting Juleah Williams, Membership and Workforce Development Manager. All changes will also be sent to AAFP for their records.

> Email Juleah at