Hard Hats for Little Heads

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Hard Hats for Little Heads

TAFP invites you to participate in the Hard Hats for Little Heads program, an initiative dedicated to the prevention of head injuries due to bicycle accidents. Hard Hats is sponsored by the Texas Medical Association and funded by the TMA Foundation. Through the program, physicians sign up through TMA and order bicycle helmets to be distributed through school safety demonstrations, community fairs, wellness visits, or other events.

> Go to TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads website

Bicycle helmet giveaways can be held in a variety of venues: at local clinics, offices, schools, hospitals, or town festivals. Promote bicycle safety during Brain Injury Awareness Month in March, Safe Kids Week in late April/early May, Bike Month in May, National Safety Month in June, or at any other time during the year.

Head injury is the most common cause of serious disability or death in bicycle crashes, and wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of injury by as much as 85 percent. Your youngest patients need you to provide this preventative care measure to help them stay safe while enjoying their bicycles. Do your part in maintaining the high standard of compassionate support and leadership that family physicians provide to the community.

To participate in Hard Hats for Little Heads, contact TMA’s program coordinator Jose Melendez at jose.melendez@texmed.org or (512) 370-1470, and she will start the process of placing your helmet order and assisting with your event. Make sure to tell her you are a TAFP member to take advantage of TAFP’s matching offer. Thanks to a generous grant from the AAFP Foundation, TAFP is able to sponsor events by multiple TAFP members each year.

Contact Samantha White at TAFP with any questions at swhite@tafp.org.