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Get involved with TAFP

TAFP provides a variety of ways for members to be involved and help advance the mission. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors who oversee a set of committees and councils. The governance and engagement structure changed in November 2020. In the new structure, members can apply for appointments to councils and committees or take advantage of other opportunities for involvement with less commitment. This article contains more about the new governance and engagement structure.

Apply to serve on a committee or council
TAFP’s success depends on active engagement from members. TAFP has standing committees — Bylaws, Executive, Finance and Nominating with three-year terms for active members — and three councils — Workforce and Member Engagement, Medical Practice, and Health of the Public and Science — with two-year terms. Students and residents can be appointed to one-year terms.
> Active members application
> Residents and medical students application

Engage with Member Communities on the TAFP Exchange
Join communities of your peers through this members-only experience designed to allow you to make the most of your TAFP membership. The TAFP Exchange is the online hub of our family medicine tribe, our place to spark ideas, solve problems, and effect change to make America’s health care system the best it can be. Member communities can decide to have virtual or live meetings when the need arises.
> Join the TAFP Exchange

Tell us more about you
The governance and engagement structure allows for member communities and the creation of short-term action groups to carry out the work of the councils. Fill out this form to tell us more about your interests and willingness to participate in virtual meetings, task forces, and work groups. Staff will use this information to reach out when opportunities arise.
> Fill out the TAFP Engagement Form

Interim Session and Annual Session
Beginning with Annual Session 2021, each of the three councils will have a live forum and all interested members can attend and participate in discussion and help guide the work of TAFP. The TAFP Member Assembly will meet at TAFP’s Annual Session and Primary Care Summit and beginning in 2022 at Interim Session held in conjunction with C. Frank Webber Lectureship. All members can attend these meetings.
> Interim Session
> Annual Session

Meet TAFP’s leaders
Meet the outstanding physicians who currently serve in TAFP’s five officer positions: president, president-elect, treasurer, parliamentarian, and immediate past president.
> TAFP officers

TAFP local chapters
TAFP has 32 local chapters throughout the state. See if your chapter is active and who to contact to get involved.
> TAFP local chapters