Innovators Competition - How to enter

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How to enter the TAFP Behavioral Health Integration Innovators Competition

Entering the competition is a simple three-step process

1. Register

To gain access to the submission form for your entry, you must register for the competition. This lets us know you are interested, and gives you time to work on your submission.

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2. Prepare entry

Gather together your submission team. Be sure to seek input from your behavioral health experts. You can prepare your entry by downloading the submission questions below.

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3. Submit entry

The entry submission form that is provided to you after registering your team consists of three parts: (i) A narrative; (ii) short answers to a set of questions; and (iii) a demonstration of your model. For more information about the competition, read the competition guidelines below.

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> About competition
> Judging criteria
> Register your team