Webinar: 120-day financial plan for business continuity during COVID-19

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By Tom Banning, TAFP CEO

Hello to all, from TAFP headquarters in Austin. I want to share with you a resource that I hope you find helpful.

TAFP hosted an interactive webinar on business continuity during COVID-19 on March 31, 2020. We leaned on accounting and practice management experts at Catalyst Health Network who have designed a customizable, multivariable dynamic financial model that allows physicians to run scenario analysis on their practice’s financial health.

This 120-day financial plan allows physicians to take a deep dive into business continuity planning, including continuity strategies and government and private financing assistance.

TAFP past president and longtime physician leader Stephen Benold, MD,  described it this way: “Getting this kind of expertise and information succinctly to our membership is exactly what doctors hope that their professional organization can do.”

We are making this webinar available free to any physician who needs assistance.


UPDATE: TAFP hosted a second webinar on April 5 with more up-to-date information. 


You might also check out the Catalyst Health Network resource page for many more helpful articles and videos.



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