Falling leaves, falling temperatures, and the beginning of flu season

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By Perdita Henry

It’s October and fall has officially arrived. As we anticipate cooling temperatures and autumn leaves, our friends in the Immunization Unit at the Texas Department of State Health Services have once again named October 1 as Texas Influenza Awareness Day.

I know, right? Break out the decorative safety face masks and the Tamiflu — it’s a party!

Levity aside, the flu is no laughing matter, and DSHS has gathered a number of resources to help you battle the disease this year. TexasFlu.org offers valuable information to health care providers, communities, and families about how a flu shot and good personal habits can help keep the flu at bay. Also check out DSHS’s 2016 — 2017 Texas Influenza Season website, where you can get numerous resources, such as posters, PDFs, fact sheets, and additional websites to help you inform your patients on all the benefits of flu vaccination.

Avoiding the flu is pretty simple, but it’s always great to have a reminder about all the ways we can keep ourselves feeling great while protecting those around us. Getting our flu shots, covering our sneezes, and washing our hands are just a few of the ways the Immunization Unit is reminding Texans to avoid the flu and assisting you in making sure all of your patients — from the youngest to the oldest — get to enjoy a healthy fall season.

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