Funded delegate spots and scholarships available for NCCL and ACLF

Each year, AAFP holds the National Conference of Constituency Leaders and Annual Chapter Leader Forum together in Kansas City, Missouri. NCCL representatives and ACLF attendees from across the nation gather to discuss various issues, suggest policies and programs to AAFP, and receive leadership training. In 2020, the conferences will be held April 23-25 and TAFP is looking for members to serve on the delegation or apply for scholarships to attend.

TAFP opportunities for NCCL
Spots are available for 10 TAFP members to represent each of the five constituencies: new physicians (physicians who have been out of residency for seven years or fewer), women, minorities, international medical graduates, and LGBT physicians. TAFP reimburses up to $1,200 for expenses for each of the five delegate and five alternate delegates. In addition, TAFP offers two other opportunities to attend NCCL with funding. These scholarships will be awarded to one third-year resident and one minority physician.

Interested? Please send a current curriculum vitae and a statement of intent to Jonathan Nelson at by Friday, Dec. 20, 2019. Be sure to let him know which constituency or constituencies you would like to represent.

NOTE: Alternate delegates from last year’s conference will be given primary consideration for delegate positions. We hope this year’s alternates will attend as delegates in 2021, so be prepared for a two-year commitment when applying for an alternate delegate position.

If you wish to apply for the third-year resident scholarship or the minority scholarship, download the applications and send completed application forms to Juleah Williams at by Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.

NCCL delegates and alternate delegates will be chosen by a panel of TAFP members in early January, and the delegation is highly encouraged to attend the Interim Session meeting of the Section on Special Constituencies on Saturday, April 4, in Austin. The third-year resident and minority physician scholarship recipients are chosen by the Commission on Membership and Member Services and will be notified in mid-March.
> Download the third-year resident scholarship application
> Download the minority physician scholarship application

TAFP scholarships to ACLF
To assist in the development of future leaders, the TAFP Commission on Membership awards two $1,000 scholarships to first-time attendees of ACLF. If you are interested in applying for one of the two scholarships, download the application (below) and send it to Juleah Williams at by Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.

The ACLF future leader scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Commission on Membership and Member Services and will be notified in mid-March.

> Download the future leader scholarship application

For more information about NCCL, go to and for more on ACLF, go to

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