Eight minutes to set the course for your Academy

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By Perdita Henry

You may have noticed a few emails encouraging you to complete the 2018 Member Survey. This isn’t just any survey. Your responses will guide TAFP leadership and staff during the upcoming strategic planning meeting.

Every few years, TAFP begins the process of preparing for what’s next and asks its members to share in-depth information about themselves and the future as they see it. Those answers drive an immersive meeting where TAFP leadership will begin charting the course for the Academy’s next few years. The last time we sent out a survey of this nature was a few years ago and so much has changed since then.

This year’s member survey focuses on four specific areas. We want to know who you are now, what challenges you face, how well you think your Academy is performing, and what resources you think the Academy should prioritize.

Currently, the most engaged membership demographic for this survey are physicians with 20 or more years in practice. For the strategic planning meeting to be both successful and balanced, we must capture an accurate measurement of physicians in all stages of their career and who work in various practice environments. That’s why we’re so adamant about your participation in the survey. We must ensure that the results reflect the insight and desires of TAFP’s very diverse membership, not just a portion of it. And from what I hear, we will continue to email those of you who do not respond. ☺

As the health care landscape continues to change, TAFP remains dedicated to continuing the legacy of a unified membership whose concerns, passions, and goals are clearly reflected in the Academy’s decisions and plans. The survey will take about eight minutes of your time but will shape the organization for years to come. Make sure your voice is heard.


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