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posted 02.21.12

Here at TAFP headquarters, we are proud to introduce the completely retooled TAFP.org. The new site features a host of interactive opportunities with the goal of engaging our members in all facets of what the Academy has to offer.

At first you’ll notice that the site is much more graphically inviting, with lots of pictures to highlight various services, opportunities, resources, and news items of interest to family doctors. The home page is designed to introduce you to the site and welcome you to explore the various departments without overwhelming visitors with massive amounts of text and options.

Scroll a little farther down and you’ll see a substantial footer packed with links to specific high-traffic sections of the site. With this footer existing on every page of the site, a logical department structure, and a powerful search engine, navigating the new TAFP.org should be significantly easier than the previous version.

Launching the site is just the beginning. We’ve got loads of ideas under development, including a widget to call up articles and resources related to the content of any story page, a social networking “share bar” that will appear throughout the site, a survey widget so we can quickly poll the membership, and the ability to comment on news stories. In the coming months, you’ll see the site grow in content and functionality as we keep working to make it better and more interactive.

In conjunction with the redesign of the website, we are also unveiling TAFP’s new logo and identity, the Texas torch. Recognizing the value our members place in the shared membership of TAFP and AAFP, we set on a course to rebrand our chapter, joining our many sister state chapters in adopting AAFP’s torch as a symbol of the unity of family physicians across the country and our bold advocacy on behalf of the specialty. The launch of the new website seemed the perfect time to “light the torch,” in a matter of speaking.

When AAFP first announced its rebranding initiative, the Academy wrote the following sentences to describe its significance:

“Sixty years after the Academy was created, our new look signals a new approach. The torch’s guiding light embodies honor, valor, and victory. The flame begins with the representation of the serpent wrapped around the torch signifying the Aesculapius staff and the symbols of healing and the renewing power of life that go with it.”

It is in this spirit that we adopt the new TAFP logo.

Last but not least, we have moved our blog, txfamilydocs.org, to the new site. All of our old blog posts and several new ones can be found at www.tafp.org/blog, and as always, we encourage you to read, comment, and join the discussion. Have an idea for a post? Don’t hesitate to contact us at jnelson@tafp.org or kalfano@tafp.org. We are eager to have member contributions.

– Jonathan N

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