From the editor: Introducing a new look for Texas Family Physician

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Eleven years ago, when I came on board as managing editor of Texas Family Physician, I was fresh out of journalism school with a love for design and an eye for art, photography, and typography, but no real-world experience in producing magazines. I learned much in those first few issues about the nuts and bolts of magazine production, all the while trying to appear as though I knew something about an expanding range of increasingly complex editorial topics my new magazine was required to cover.

My first cover story tackled the problems with the financing of graduate medical education – talk about jumping in at the deep end.

During those first issues, I knew the magazine needed a new look, a form and function that could achieve the news and information focus we wanted to deliver, while keeping the warmth and conversational nature we wished to convey. In 2002, we launched the first redesign of TFP under my direction, and while we’ve worked in each issue since to refine that design, I believe the artistic concept has served the Academy well.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been working on a fresh face for our magazine, a reinvention of the basic building blocks of the design, and with our Fall 2011 issue, we’re happy to unveil the new design. With a new nameplate and cover design, a fresh set of fonts, and a commitment to packaging content in smaller, more easily digestible bits, I believe this evolution of Texas Family Physician will keep our magazine at the top of its class.

Watch your mailbox and give it a read or view the virtual issue at I hope you enjoy our new and improved Texas Family Physician.

– Jonathan N

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