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  • TAFP residents and students elect their 2021-2022 officers

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    TAFP has a new governance structure, and the Section on Medical Students and Section on Resident Physicians no longer exist. In their place, a TAFP Resident and Student Leader Forum meets virtually throughout the year and a Residency Network with representatives from all programs and an FMIG Network with representatives from all medical schools meets a few times a year.

    The student and resident board members serve as co-chairs at the forum that include the chair, chair-elect, National Conference representatives, Member Assembly representatives, members serving on the new councils, resident and student advisors to the TAFP Foundation, the FMIG coordinator, and the resident advisors. There will also be an active member in attendance serving as the TAFP Board Liaison.

    Monthly meetings during the academic year allow members to share information, plan live educational meetings, and carry out other projects.

  • TAFP residents and students elect 2018 officers

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    The 2018 C. Frank Webber Lectureship and Interim Session Family Medicine Resident and Student Track drew students and residents from all over the state. Participants received a warm welcome from TAFP President, Janet Hurley, MD, explored the frontier of telemedicine, got an in-depth lesson on family medicine finances from past president of TAFP and president-elect of TMA, Doug Curran, MD, and much more.

    In addition to timely discussions and presentations, the Section on Resident Physicians and the Section on Medical Students held elections for various officer positions. Officer candidates had the chance to talk to their colleagues about their professional passions and how they would represent resident and student TAFP members within the Academy.

    TAFP Resident Section Officers

  • TAFP Press Releases

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    TAFP press releases

    University of Texas Medical Branch Family Medicine Interest Group wins Texas and national FMIG Program of Excellence Awardsposted August 2022

    Mary Nguyen, MD, sworn in as … more