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  • Humanitarian Award

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    Past recipients

    2018 — Charles Ted Mettetal, MD

    Humanitarian Award

    TAFP created the Humanitarian award in 2018 modeled after the AAFP Humanitarian Award to honor extraordinary and enduring … more

  • Call for nominations: Select our next Member of the Month

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    Here’s a quick quiz on a Monday morning. What do the following have in common: A private-practice physician inspiring fitness in her community by leading by example, an Army doc who joined the service after 9/11, a third-year resident in Odessa originally from Nigeria, and a San Antonio educator who completes triathlons in her spare time? They’re all TAFP members and they’ve all been profiled as a TAFP Member of the Month!

    Launched in February 2011, Member of the Month has introduced us to 17 TAFP members who practice their own unique “brand” of family medicine. It’s published in TAFP News Now and on, and features a brief biography and Q&A giving voice to their passions and viewpoints.

    The idea was brought to Academy staff by Melissa Gerdes, M.D., 2010-2011 TAFP president, and has taken root as one of my favorite projects. And with 7,000 family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students, we have lots more work to do.

  • Public Health Award

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    Past recipients

    2004 — Eduardo Sanchez, MD2005 — Olga Duchicela, MD2006 — Thomas Gavagan, MD2007 — Janet Realini, MD2008 — Juan Campos, MD2009 — Tamra K. Deuser, MD2010 — James A. Mobley, MD2011 … more

  • Physician Emeritus

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    Past recipients

    1993 — Edwin Franks, MD1994 — Logan Swords, MD1994 — S. Perry Post, MD1994 — Lamar Ross, MD1995 — Reinhardt Dwyer, MD1995 — Leonard G. Paul, MD1995 — William A. Wilson, MD1997 — … more

  • Physician of the Year

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    Past recipients

    1982 — Lawrence Feller, MD1983 — Weldon G. Kolb, MD1984 — Barry N. Squyres, MD1985 — William R. Gaddis, MD1986 — Durwood Neal, MD1987 — O. C. Cooper, MD1988 — Bobby Jack Estes1989 … more

  • Nominations for TAFP's annual awards

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    Nominate yourself or a colleague for one of TAFP’s annual awards

    Do you have a colleague who inspires you; one whom you feel is the “best of the best?” If so, please consider nominating him or her … more