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  • The Family Medicine Preceptorship Program is open for business

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    Hey Texas medical school students, have you been eagerly awaiting the open enrollment period of the Texas Statewide Family Medicine Preceptorship Program? Well wait no more. We are currently accepting applications, so tell your friends and sign up today.

    Our preceptorship program offers medical students the chance to break out of the academic setting and see what medicine is really like when it’s practiced in the community. By spending two to four weeks with a practicing family doctor, they can experience the joy and fulfillment of a career caring for patients who are friends and neighbors. They find out that family medicine isn’t just about running on the hamster wheel and treating runny noses and sore throats all day.

    Sure we have survey results that show when medical students complete rotations in the Family Medicine Preceptorship Program, they are more likely to choose a career in family medicine, but the family doctors who cherish the memory of their rotations tell the story better.

  • An introduction to RRNeT, the Research Residency Network of Texas

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    By Jason Hill
    RRNeT network coordinator

    The Research Residency Network of Texas, or RRNeT, is a collaboration of 10 Texas family medicine residency programs across the state, representing 100 family physician faculty and 300 family medicine residents who see approximately 300,000 outpatient visits per year. The program is comprised of physicians and researchers who meet bi-monthly to discuss research projects. RRNET is united by a single goal: to generate medical research that meets the needs of our diverse patient population. RRNeT’s patients are comprised of Latinos (55 percent), African Americans (12 percent), Caucasians (27 percent), and Asians (4 percent).

    To begin a study, physicians discuss reoccurring medical issues and concerns arising in their day-to-day clinical work. “What patient issues are most puzzling or worrisome?” A consensus answer to this question often determines the research agenda for the upcoming year. Each year, one or two large research studies are implemented. Research topics to date have included alternative medicine use, medication compliance, teen preventive care, cost-efficient care, low back pain, and obesity. After selecting a research topic, RRNeT members derive specific research aims to shed light on underlying causes, further describe the topic, and  test linkages between the causes and associated health outcomes.  Then study design, sampling, procedures, and data collection processes are determined. At this point, RRNeT members acquire permission to conduct the study with their respective institutional review boards.

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