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  • Erica Swegler's address to AAFP Congress of Delegates during the election for AAFP President-elect

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    By Erica Swegler, MD

    Hello friends and colleagues spread across the country, I bring you greetings from Austin, Texas. I'd like to begin by expressing my profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve these past three years on your board of directors. It has been a distinct pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated group of physicians, furthering our agenda of health care for all, fighting for more comprehensive payment for the care we provide, and prioritizing diversity and a more equitable health care system.

    But I must admit, as I stand here looking into this lens, I really wish we were all together right now! Of all the things I love about the Academy, one of my favorites is being at these meetings surrounded by our colleagues, all those smiling faces, the handshakes and the hugs, engaging in civil discourse and disagreements, but leaving as friends. We will be together again, and when we are, it will be wonderful.